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All sales are final and non-refundable unless the show is CANCELED.

Purchasers are responsible to check the date and time of the Event. We recommend using Google to check the time conversion for your country if you live international.

We are not responsible, and no refunds will take place if the purchaser does not tune into the show or missed a partial amount.

If you experience technical difficulties, customer service assistance is available before, during and after the show via email : or Facebook messages.

We cannot assist you with any issues regarding events, including technical difficulties, if you contact us after the event is over.



If the respective show provides multiple tiers and you would like to exchange your ticket for the highest tier that is available, please contact with your order number. We allow only a one-time transfer per person and per event. No exchanges are allowed for events that are less than 7 days away and only the purchaser (registered KPOPTICKET.COM account) can request to change the order.


If a show gets cancelled, we’ll issue a full refund automatically to the same credit/debit or paypal account used for payment. In case of shows rescheduled, tickets will be automatically reassigned for the rescheduled. Stay connected with our social media @studio_pav on Instagram and twitter or our main Facebook page for official announcement regarding cancellation and postponement of the event.


All unauthorized distribution, downloading, copying and recordings of Studio PAV’s content without the consent of Studio PAV is not only an act of copyright infringement but is subject to legal action against those who illegally distribute the copyrighted content and those that commit the action. 

Any violation of copyright infringement, we will not only revoked your access to the online event but you will also no longer be able to watch the event’s VOD.

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