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1. What is ONCAST?

ONCAST is a series of online video contents produced by Studio PAV. There are various types of ONCAST and ONCAST LIVE including fanmeets or live shows.  

2. I am located outside USA. Can I watch ONCAST events?

Yes, our ONCAST events are online and available worldwide as long as you have stable internet service. 

How to Watch

3. Where can I access the ONCAST events? 

All ONCAST Events are streamed directly on our website: - simply click the respective show you would like to watch and press PLAY

4. Can I watch on my phone? 

Yes, you may view the stream on your mobile devices, but it is highly recommended to watch it on a computer/laptop with a stable internet connection for best performance 




5. Where can I buy tickets? 

Tickets can be purchased on our ticketing site: Select our ONCAST page to view tickets for our upcoming events or click See Ticket on on the event’s respective page.

VOD tickets for our past ONCAST events are also available for purchase on, ONCAST VOD page.

6. What are the benefits? 

Benefits for each ONCAST Event varies. All benefits are detailed along with each ticket tier on Please be sure to double check all benefits included with each ticket tier before purchasing a ticket.

7. How can I buy tickets for more than one person? 

You can purchase multiple ONCAST Tickets by adding more to your cart or increasing the number of tickets. You will receive the same quantity of Access Codes as tickets purchased. Access Codes are unique codes that will allow you to watch the show.

8. Where are my tickets? 

There are no physical tickets. You will receive an order confirmation by email that contains your order number. A separate email that contains your Access Code will be sent to you closer to the day of the show, which will allow you to stream the show.

Make sure to check your promotional, junk and spam folder if you cannot locate your Access Code email in your main inbox once a post is made via SNS that they have been sent out.

9. When will I get my Access Code?

All Access Codes will be sent out the week of the event. We will make a post across all our Social Media platforms when the access codes have been emailed out.

9. What if I lost my Access Code? 

Access Codes are not redeemable or reusable once generated. You must keep it safe to log into for streaming. If you cannot find it, you need to buy it again. 

10. Can I share my access code? 

No, only one viewer will be able to log in to view the stream at one time. Trying to login / reuse the access code will NOT work. Please be careful not to share your Access Code. Once it has been used to log in, you will not be able to log in with another account using the same Access Code. 



11. What is the VOD and how can I watch it? 

The VOD is a direct replay of the event and will be available in about 1~2 weeks after the event ends. There may be some editing due to production and copyright. VODs are directly available from our website by clicking the respective show that you would like to watch and press PLAY

12. Where can I purchased VOD tickets?

VOD tickets for our past ONCAST events are available for purchase from our ticketing provider, ONCAST VOD page.

13. What happens if I miss the event, can I get a refund?

All purchases made on are non-refundable unless the show is CANCELED. Make sure to check the date and time of the show and double check if there is any time difference depending on where you live.

14. Is my kpoptickets account login the same as my ONCAST account?

No, they are two separate accounts, but we recommend to use the same credentials when making your ONCAST account on

15. How do I make a ONCAST account?

Click PLAY on the respective show that purchased a ticket for and then click SIGN UP AND ENTER CODE

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